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Handyman Guys Inc. was started about 10 years ago.  It was started with the purpose of helping those out who had a laundry list of home improvement projects they wanted to accomplish, but did not want to call 4 different companies to handle it.  Born from that need, Handyman Guys came into prominence over the past decade providing all kinds of different and unique services.  We have 
changed light bulbs, and installed cabinetry.  We have replaced roofs and installed tile around a shower or bath.  We have installed siding on homes, and painted the interior of a house.  And we have done it at a fair price to our customers.  And while we may have started this company doing all sorts of "handyman work", we have also built a name for ourselves in the general contracting world.

Handyman Guys have done countless numbers of cost effective bathroom and kitchen remodels and upgrades, falling into a pricepoint well below the high end remodelers in the market, but slightly higher than the cost of doing it yourself.  We have managed this by being flexible with our customers; allowing them to find and purchase their own materials, while we expertly install them.  We have managed this by running a lean business and utilizing technology to improve the sales 
process.  And we have managed this by performing the work faster and more efficiently than other companies in the area area capable of performing that same amount of work.  We are built for efficiency.

Handyman Guys has been recognized by multiple national remodeling organizations for our skill and performance in the field of home remodeling.  And while these accolades are wonderful to receive, what we are most proud of is the relationships we have cultivated by our ability to satisfy our customers.  


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