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Columbus RoofingThe roof plays an important role in preserving your house and maintaining its value in the resale market. The life of the roof depends on the roofing materials used, weather conditions, care taken during the installation process and the level of maintenance applied to it.

If you suspect that you have problems with your roof, call (614) 764-7300 to schedule your complimentary roof inspection and get your free estimate. This thorough inspection will give you peace of mind in knowing, whether repaired or replaced, that your roof is prepared to withstand the harshest Ohio storms without leaking. And if there is a problem with your roof, catching it early can literally save you thousands of dollars in repair work later on!

Handyman Guys offer the following Roofing Services:

  1. Roof Replacement
  2. Leak Repair
  3. Ventilation
  4. Flat Roof
  5. New Construction
  6. Chimney Repair
  7. Gutter Installation
  8. Emergency Roofing Service

Roof Replacement
Handyman Guys specializes in Roof Replacements. A roof replacement consists of removing and installing new shingles. We recommend tearing off the old shingles down to the decking (usually plywood, OSB, or 1X6 boards that make up the surface on which the shingles attached). This allows for inspection of the decking material to be sure there are not rotten spots that need to be replaced prior to the new shingles being installed.

Our highly trained crews can complete most roof replacements in one day, including the tear off, installation and the clean-up of all trash and materials. Homeowners are kept informed during the entire process by an individual roofing supervisor. The supervisor answers any questions the homeowner has as well as ensuring each job conforms to manufacturers specifications.

Leak Repair
Not only does the Handyman Guys specialize in re-roofs we also can handle any leak problems on your roof. Regardless of the size or scope of the problem, we are skilled to quickly assess damage and will mend the problem. Special care will be taken to match current shingle color and ensure that the problem will be alleviated.

Some common repairs:

  • Missing Granules
  • Missing or Torn Shingles
  • Rotting
  • Blistering
  • Buckling
  • Curling
  • Damaged

Left unattended, small roofing problems can become an expensive issue. If you have noticed any of the above on your roof call us today for a free inspection.

Attic ventilation is an important part of roofing. Proper attic ventilation extends the life of a roof and reduces problems because it minimizes the temperature differential between the attic and the air outside. Proper ventilation will remove moisture and heat from the attic. Trapped heat and moisture can raise energy costs, cause ice dams, and damage roof system components as well as structural and personal items located inside the attic where temperatures can easily reach 150 degrees. During our inspection process, we will determine if your roof is vented properly and we will recommend the correct action to fix any issues.

Flat Roof
Commercial buildings with flat roofs and homes that have low-slope roofs can benefit from installing a rubber roof. Because flat and low-slope roofs cannot rely on gravity to remove rain water - or the moisture generated by melting snow and ice during Ohio’s winter months - they require a material that is less susceptible to leaking. Rubber roofing, sometimes referred to as membrane roofing, is a synthetic material that requires almost no seams. That's because rubber roofing materials are available in widths up to 50 feet. A rubber roof is relatively seamless except for areas around chimneys or ventilation pipes for heating and plumbing. Fewer seams mean less opportunity for roof leaks for your home or business.

New Construction
Quality new construction roofing by the Handyman Guys offers building owners, property managers and architects the confidence of hiring an experienced roofing company backed by superior customer service. Handyman Guys is experienced in providing customized solutions for substantial roofing work or complex architecture. We believe the success of new construction roofing depends on working together as a team to prepare thoroughly considered specifications.

Chimney Repair
Saving a chimney from deterioration and leaking can mean repairing or replacing the chimney crown or tuck pointing the chimney bricks. The crown of the chimney is one of the most important parts of a chimney. Protecting the bricks, mortar, joints and fireplace, the crown maintains the life and integrity of the chimney. During the inspection, we will take a look at your current chimney situation and recommend the a corrective measure if necessary.

Gutter Installation
We install 5" and 6" seamless gutters and downspouts, along with an array of custom commercial applications. Our gutter installer has many years of experience and has worked for us since 2005. We take pride in giving our customers a quality job that they can enjoy for years to come.

Emergency Roofing Services
Handyman Guys is a responsive roofing company experienced in emergency services for repairing and resealing damaged structures. Columbus Ohio experiences severe thunderstorms, hail, windstorms, snow, and ice – all of which can cause roofing emergencies. A tree, large limb or other airborne debris may cause roof damage to a home, church or business. Often the damage from a storm can be very difficult to detect and may not be visible from the ground. If you believe that your home’s roof has suffered sudden or accidental damage due to weather or other cause, request an immediate inspection. A damage inspection can help you avoid worrying about unseen roofing issues that can impact the future repair costs or value of your property.

If you have any additional questions or would like more information about your next roofing project don't hesitate to contact us or request a free estimate. An experienced Handyman Guys team member will be able to answer all of your roofing related questions.

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